Iconoclasses Multi-SPORT Coaching

Focusing on the mature age client, of 50+, your never to Old.

"Age should not be a deterrent to physical ability"

Iconoclasses is encouraging and supporting mature age adults to begin or return to regular exercise through Swim, Bike, Run or Multi-Sport. The mature age person has quite often fallen out of the habit of exercise, would like to be a bit more active or are interested in sport but don't really know how to get started, or require some external Motivation and Accountability.

Iconoclasses coaching philosophy to assist in identifying an athlete’s potential and growth, as well as help plan and develop new skills. With Coach and athlete working collaboratively on development, training, programs, life style balance, training intensities and motivation.

Exercise isn’t just about helping out your health down the road, and it’s certainly not just about vanity. What you do in the gym, on the roads and tracks, in the pool or ocean makes you a better, higher-performing person outside of it. The truth, cliché as it may sound, is this: 

“When you develop physical fitness, you’re developing life fitness, too.”


Trust is key to coaching. The coach and athlete’s relationship must have some level of trust for coaching to work. A mutual interest in the success of the other is critical. Trust can begin to develop through open, honest feedback and respect.

Taking athlete’s from compliance to commitment can be complex. Finding or creating that factor means sometimes helping the athlete’s get in touch with what matters to him/her – what are his/her internal goals. Sometimes this is best achieved through the use of open-ended questions leading to the athlete’s self discovery.


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