24 Weeks to Half Ironman Success

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For a membership period of 180 days

  • Full access to online training platform for 180 days
  • Online schedule with full programme detail and printable PDFs
  • Detailed training sessions with choice (For Beginners start at Week 1 (Base) 24 weeks, for Intermediate start at week 9 (Build) 16 weeks. 
  • Strength & conditioning sessions (Divided into 3 Phases)
  • Corrective exercise and flexibility sessions
  • Mindset strategies
  • Clean eating solutions and recipes
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  • Weekly videos and articles
  • Weekly Programmed Group Events for Adelaide Residents
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- This training programme is designed to guide you through a full 24wks of training and be prepared ready for race day at a half-ironman (70.3). The half-ironman distance is a major physical obstacle and it is very important that you are ready to undergo the training. We advise anybody taking part in an event like a half-ironman to be in good health, seek advice from your GP if you are in anyway unsure of your physical readiness to complete the training and the race. Do not underestimate what it takes to complete a half-ironman, be well prepared by following the training programme closely and spend time blending the training into your lifestyle.


- This programme is a 24wk programme, this means that it is a 24wk schedule to lead all the way up to race day and is ideally for those athletes who have some prior experience of triathlon. For Beginers start at Week 1 (Base) 24 weeks, for Intermediate start at week 9 (Build) 16 weeks.


- The programme is broken down into 3 main phases that help you to progress physically and the objectives of each phase are explained in more detail prior to each phase. The phases are namely, Base, Build and Peak/Taper.


- The programme is designed to explain each period, each week and each session in detail. The layout of the programme shows you each week in turn, where possible you should stick to the structure as it has been laid out in the best possible nature for you to physically train.


- The schedule is based on an athlete having more available training time at weekends. If you find that you need to move sessions around then this is understandable, however if you find yourself having to drop sessions due to an injury or lack of time then you should not attempt to squeeze the sessions back in elsewhere, accept that you have lost a session and simply catch up with the programme when you are ready. However, if you find yourself missing more than 1 full week of training you will need to reintroduce training at a more progressive timescale.


- There is 1 REST day per week, this should be a day of complete rest, no exercise!


- This programme does not include any training races, however you are strongly encouraged to take part in some training races as an opportunity to experiment with equipment, clothing, nutrition and race pace strategies. When preparing for a half-ironman you should consider using an Olympic distance race as a warm up, this should be done approximately 4-6wks before race day, you are also encouraged to think about cyclo-sportives as a way to boost your cycling. Over this distance the long training sessions and BRICK workouts are just as crucial as racing.


One time payment of $250

For a membership period of 180 days

Currency: Australian Dollar

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