Iconoclasses Consulting

One time payment of $300

For a membership period of 1 days


This involves a comprehensive review of:

  • Your training approach
  • Your goals
  • Identifying areas of weakness or limiting factors
  • Educating you across a broad spectrum of areas
  • Setting a path and direction for your training
  • Supplying some key types of workouts to focus on

This is often good for athletes that enjoy the challenge of training themselves, but would like to take their education and performance to another level. It is either done via messenger, Email, phone or face to face over coffee if it is possible.

$300-00 for 3 Hour intense one day session.

(Includes a Final Written evaluation Report)

ICONOCLASSES has successful triathlon, Ironman, multi-sport, running, Ultra-Running, Swimming, and Cycling coaches based in Adelaide, Australia. We offer Professional coaching facilities to Triathletes and Multi-Sport disciplines. We facilitate or introduce you to Womens specific Coaches and groups or Elite level programs. 

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One time payment of $300

For a membership period of 1 days

Currency: Australian Dollar

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