"Swim Smarter not Harder" Squad Training

$60 / Month

Iconoclasses Coaching (Swimming Specific)


Swim Coaching: Swim Smarter not Harder.  (Sometimes we have to take 1 STEP Backwards with 2 STEPS forward)


  • Just returning to swimming a start a new beginning, or a NEWBIE and wishing to learn a good Form, from day one.
  • If you are swimming the 70.3 (1.9km) in approx. 38min to 40min or greater 
  • Wish to improve you time by approx. 15% to 25% with less effort and anxiety, 
  • Get out of the water feeling fresh and truely ready to start the Bike leg hard. 
  • This may be worth consideration, if you are not as yet ready for a Half or Full Ironman distance yet, but to be ready when you are.


Participants, will all need to be committed for a period of approximately 12 to 18 months to truely reap the benifits. First we will need to break you bad habits that have been firmly entrenched over your career swim leaning cycle, and re-train your brain, and perceptions. There is no fast fix. (One STEP Backwards for 2 STEP'S Forwards). I am truely positive about one and all of you, your level of fitness is not the issue.


Session will be interactive with a willingness to Observe and Notice, makeing objective comment, on self and others.


This program is intended be for those that what to truely improve their swimming FORM. 

If you want a hard Work-out and can't get they head around swimming relaxed with good Form to go Faster, or you are easily frustrated when your not beating yourself up, then this is truely NOT for you, please continue with what you do normally!




Pool entry to Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Unley or Burnside (to be determined) payable at gate or your membership

Iconoclasses $15.00/Session ea. Payable a Pool, or via EFT in monthly Blocks @ $60.00.

$60 / Month

Currency: Australian Dollar

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